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NORWICH: Earlham Cemetery

3rd January 2012

A rainy day meant I spent most of the time indoors, seeing a Jay and a couple of Coal Tits in the garden.  When the rain did stop I went for a walk in the eastern half of Earlham Cemetery (which would surely be renamed as Britain's Magical Squirrel Land if the Broads Authority had anything to do with it*).  I had hoped to catch up with a Treecreeper or Nuthatch, but the best thing I found was a couple of Goldcrests.  Redwing and Goldfinch flocks were also flying around.  I thought I may have found a roosting Tawny Owl when I found a Jay screeching at a large tree, but it turned out that the Jay simply hates Ivy.

* If you don't understand this, it's my first mention of the year of the Broads Authority's re-branding of the broads as Britain's Magical Waterland.

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