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THE FENS: Squacco Heron

1st July 2012

Squacco Heron is a bird I have wanted to see in Norfolk for some time, so when news came out that the bird was still present* we set off for Welney.  Upon arrival we found room in the reedbed hide and were soon given excellent views of the upper half of the bird as it fed in the waterside vegetation, occasionally vanishing behind the large stands of docks.  After watching the Squacco Heron for a while we left to free up some space, seeing various butterflies and damselflies on the walk back to the observatory.  Here we spent some time watching the House Martins come right up to the window as they flew into their nests.  The WWT guide-in-the-hide told us that the Squacco had been in the area for a week as she had seen it beside a road nearby in the rain on Sunday past, but that it had only been seen on the reserve yesterday.

 Good view, poor photo as always
A more typical view, showing the plumes

* Usually I'm all for going and looking for a reported bird and trying to find it, but Welney has that dubious combination of being the furthest Norfolk reserve from home, and the most expensive to get into, so it makes sense to wait for news.

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