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THORPE MARSH: Some Buzzards

28th July 2012

I joined Daniel at Thorpe for another look for returning waders.  We could see some Lapwings along the edge of the scrape, but it was only later when they took to the air that we could make a proper assessment of numbers, which was around 30-35.  Looking eastwards we saw three large birds of prey soaring in the sunshine.  The top and bottom birds were definitely Common Buzzard, but the middle bird (often mobbing the top bird) appeared to be slightly structurally different (i.e. not Buzzard or Sparrowhawk).  The distance meant that we couldn't make out any plumage features, so unfortunately it remained unidentified.

There were several butterflies around, including the first Holly Blue that I've seen since the spring, and a couple of Small Coppers and Commas.  A Great Spotted Woodpecker was on one of the dead trees, and the young Great-crested Grebe was still on the river.  The only bird on the shingle was a young Pied Wagtail.  As we left we had another scan from the bridge, seeing a Buzzard up over Whitlingham Woods.


  1. I wonder if it could have been a honey? We'll never know!

  2. No we won't unfortunately. To be fair, I didn't really get a HB vibe from it at the time, I think it's just a coincidence that David had one flying in our direction at around the time we were out. It was reported doing a similar thing today, so I'll certainly keep my eye out though, it would be great to nail a Honey Buzzard locally.

    A couple of White-winged Black Terns in Suffolk today too, will hopefully head this way!

  3. Finally saw first buzzard at Whitlingham. Flew south over the east end of the woods from Thorpe Marsh on 15 July.