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WHITLINGHAM: Consultation deadline tomorrow

Just a reminder to anyone that wishes to have a say and hasn't, tomorrow is the final deadline for commenting on the three tourist proposals for Whitlingham C.P.  The form is rather brief, you have to rate each proposal 0-5, and there is space to comment on what sort of facilities & accommodation you would like to see.

One of the proposals will be chosen over the summer, and the chosen architects appointed in the autumn.  Another (presumably equally brief) public consultation has been promised this year, before a planning application is made in Spring 2013, which will also be subject to a public consultation.

The Broads Authority are the planning authority for Whitlingham C.P.  Their draft document on the subject states:
Whitlingham C.P. will continue to be managed to provide recreation and quiet enjoyment.  Further development of buildings will be supported where they:

  • Contribute positively to the river valley landscape and the setting of Crown Point Estate.
  • Avoid a proliferation of buildings in the area and provide for shared use where practical.
  • Make appropriate provision for cycling, pedestrians and car parking
  • Do not generate levels or types of traffic which would have adverse impacts on safety and amenity on Whitlingham Lane.
I'm sure this won't be the my last post on the subject...

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