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BRECKS: Thetford Dipper

4th January 2013

Ever since a Dipper was found in Thetford in November, I had been waiting for an opportunity to go and see it. Unfortunately it had been rather tricky to pin down, typically only showing mid-week or once a day. Having got back from Felmingham, Cathy suggested that we went to Thetford after lunch and had a look. Happily the Black-bellied Dipper was showing well from near the middle of the Nun's Bridges. We watched it bob merrily, swim, and catch what looked like Caddisfly larvae. Back at the bridges there were lots of geese, including a family of eight Canada x Greylag Geese. On our way back we noticed a couple of birders near another bridge, and pulled in to check that they knew where the Dipper was. It turned out that they didn't, and were grateful to Cathy for giving them directions (hopefully they found it ok!)

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