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NORTH NORFOLK: Felmingham thrush survey

4th January 2013

This morning I headed off to Felmingham to survey a core square for the BTO's Winter Thrush Survey. Having not seen any Redwings or Fieldfares at all so far this year, I wasn't overly optimistic. Arriving at the church I parked up and set off along the main road. I was almost a quarter of the way round my route before I encountered a single thrush, and I don't remember the last time I was so pleased to see a Blackbird. Continuing along down a minor road I saw a huge flock of Woodpigeons in the fields (at least 600+), and some Starlings (which I happily counted, giving the a lack of anything else). A Sparrowhawk and some finches livened the route slightly, but four more Blackbirds was the last of my survey birds. Whilst competing my route across a field I heard a couple of Skylarks passing overhead, and then three loose skeins comprising around 90 Pink-footed Geese flew south-east.

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