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NORWICH: Spring in the Rosary

1st April 2013

April 1st is not a good day to find a rare bird, because of the obvious issues with people not believing you. I cleverly avoided this problem by not finding anything rare. What I did do was have a nice walk around Rosary Cemetery and Lion Wood, ostensibly for Chiffchaffs but realistically looking for anything to brighten up the day.

Bird-wise I saw the expected stuff, including Nuthatch, Green Woodpecker and Stock Dove. I watched a Wren foraging mouse-like in the dead leaves, and also saw what I presume is a form of display by a Coal Tit. Attracted to it by a sort of whirring noise that I didn't recognise (which I can't find on Xeno Canto, at least on the first page) I noticed a pair of Coal Tits perched on a branch, with the male leaning in and vibrating his wings, looking like it had picked up some moves watching David Attenborough's Life of Birds.

Other than birds there was a nice display of Primroses and Crocuses in the cemetery, and I found a Barren Strawberry plant in flower. Some brackets in Lion Wood look like Purplepore Bracket, and given that I have only just started looking at lichens, everything I noticed on tombstones was probably new to me if I can identify it.

I call these 'black lichen' and 'orange apothecia'd grey lichen'

Purplepore Bracket

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