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EAST NORFOLK: Time & Tide Museum

10th January 2015

Having enjoyed the Wonder of Birds exhibition at the Castle Museum last year I had mentioned to Cathy that I would like to see the Waterways exhibition, focusing on art and nature of the broads. This one is being held at the Time & Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth, a place neither of us had visited before. The exhibition is at the end of a loop, so before we got there we looked around the rest of the museum. The first part has recreated part of the tightly packed 'rows' district, and if you buy a guidebook you can borrow handsets that tell you about the people who lived and worked there in authentic Norfolk accents.

The next section was devoted to the Herring industry, and as it features the original curing houses there was still a smell of fish in the air (we didn't mind it, but some might). Upstairs was a series of rooms with artifacts from Yarmouth through the ages, plus some stone arrowheads and borrowed real Woolly Mammoth fur. After going through a room dedicated to World War II we arrived at the broads exhibition. The first room had some excellent photography from Great Yarmouth High School and East Norfolk Sixth Form. Further along were some sketches from Arthur Patterson and several photos from famous namesake (and distant relative??) P.H. Emerson. The amount of broadland pictures and photos was perhaps less than I had expected, but it was very nicely laid out.

If you find yourself with some free time in Yarmouth and are interested in local history then I would highly recommend a visit - take into account the museum is only open 12-4 though.

 The Rows (recreations of local houses/shops)
 Fisherman selling Herring
 A person from East Norfolk
The one on the left is from Whitlingham, hurrah!

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