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NORTH WALSHAM AREA: Ebridge & Witton Woods

11th January 2015

Having given Cathy & Sophie a lift to North Walsham I had a couple of hours free to do a bit of birding. I decided to go to Ebridge Mill, and firstly walked along the western side of the old canal. A Grey Wagtail flew past, several Meadow Pipits called and I could hear Teal in the distance. Two Buzzards circling over Witton Woods were my first of the year. About halfway along the path I looked across and spotted two Muntjac Deer. The one in front was aware of my presence, but was content with the distance between us and kept browsing. I moved slightly further back and watched them as they fed amongst the rushes.

Having reached the end of the path I retraced my steps and then took the permissive path across to Witton Woods. Some Redwings called from the hedgerow before I entered the woods. There were quite a few walkers about, so I took a small path through some young trees, flushing another Muntjac Deer which bounded off from the path. In the coniferous part of the wood I saw some Goldcrests and Coal Tits. Possibly the most interesting sighting of the trip was a leaf-mine in Primrose leaves. Having looked for the organism that makes the mines it seems likely that it is a type of fly that is very scarce locally, although I'm still hoping to find a leaf-mining diptera expert to confirm my ID!

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