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NWT + SWT nature reserve land appeals

In recent weeks two important appeals for funds have been launched. Both seek to raise £1million, which is ambitious, but hopefully they will get there. Should you wish to look into these schemes and maybe donate some cash, the details are below.

1) Hickling Broad - Many people take it for granted that the nature reserves they visit are owned by the conservation bodies that manage them, but this is not always the case. At Hickling, the Norfolk Wildlife Trust own part of the reserve but rent the rest. The land recently went up for sale, and the NWT now have the opportunity to buy the rest of the reserve and associated land. You can read more about it here: and donate here: or here:

2) It is perhaps unfortunate timing that the Hickling Broad appeal was launched slightly after the Suffolk Wildlife Trust launched their own £1 million appeal to buy land near their Carlton Marshes reserve. This land will join up existing reserves to create a large 'super reserve' in the northern broads. Read about it here: and donate here:

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