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BRECKLAND: Cranwich lunchtime leafminers

13th October 2018

Whilst most of the Lynford attendees either went to a nearby restaurant for lunch or pottered around the car park, Stewart and I visited Cranwich Camp for a working lunch. The aim was to see some scarce poplar leaf mines, and we were successful, seeing Ectoedemia hannerovella in hybrid Black Poplar then Ectoedemia turbidella and Phyllonorycter comparella in Grey Poplar.

 Ectoedemia hannerovella
 Ectoedemia turbidella
 Phyllonorycter comparella

Having checked lots of sorrel leaves for the red spiral-like mines of Enteucha acetosae, we found one presumably aborted and slightly phallic mine. Stewart pointed out a case on Yarrow made by Coleophora argentula and I noticed some Coleophora feeding signs on Common Rock-rose that turned out to be Coleophora potentillae.

 Enteucha acetosae
 Coleophora argentula
 Coleophora potentillae feeding signs
 Coleophora potentillae case

A quick walk down the track turned up a couple of naturalised garden throwouts, Virginia Creeper and Cotoneaster simonsii. That concluded a very productive lunch break - there was even time to eat some food too. Thanks as ever to Stewart for sharing his knowledge and finding skills.

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