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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list day 57

DAY 57 - 16th May 2020

Whilst taking the vegetable peelings to the compost bin I remembered that there was a 'cellar slug' survey going on, and we have lots of them in the compost heap. I therefore photographed the three species of slug present, and submitted the record of Green Cellar Slug (Limacus maculatus) to the slug survey using the form here:

Of the other two, I presumed that one of them was a young Leopard Slug (Limax maximus), but having submitted the record Chris de Feu informed me that it was actually a fairly recent arrival, the Balkan Threeband Slug (Ambigolimax nyctelius). The other one was an Arion sp, a genus of big but often rather similar species. Chris suggests that it is most likely to be Durham Slug, Arion flagellus, and has suggested how I might confirm it in the future. One of the things to do with these slugs is gently poke them - some species rock from side to side whilst others stay still.

117. Green Cellar Slug
118. Balkan Threeband Slug (NEW)

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