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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list days 74 to 77

DAY 74 - 3rd June 2020

153. Phytomyza ranunculi - a leaf mine in Creeping Buttercup

DAY 75 - 4th June 2020

154. Ischnus inquisitorius (an ichneumon). I was fortunate that the photo allowed national expert Gavin Broad to identify this one on Twitter.
155. Oak Bush Cricket

DAY 76 - 5th June 2020

A couple of leafmines added, but also several species seen at different stages of their life to earlier in the year . Firstly the sawfly Cladius bruillei - I keyed out an adult earlier but now the larvae are stripping the leaves from the Raspberries. Then the reverse, with an adult Cypress-tip Moth, previously seen as feeding sign holes in cypress shoots.

156. Agromyza idaeana (leaf mine in Strawberry)
157. Agromyza abiens (leaf mine in Viper's Bugloss)

DAY 77 - 6th June 2020

Nothing new added but I was pleased with this photo of Meliscaeva auricollis on a Rocket flower.

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