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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list - days 68 - 70

DAY 68 - 27th May 2020

Nothing new added.

DAY 69 - 28th May 2020

Another check of the Pyrocantha blossom, which is excellent for insects but goes over very quickly, providing about a week of high quality insect food. There was one new species on it today, a Garden Chafer (a small relative of the Cockchafer that is also common around this time of year, although not recorded from the garden so far).

136. Garden Chafer

DAY 70 - 29th May 2020

A mini-flurry of new lockdown species today. Having missed off Black Medick leaves from the plant list, I added it today with the first patch in flower. There were some Chromatomyia horticola leaf mines in the Purple Toadflax, whilst the hoverfly Merodon equestris and Yellow Shell moth were both seen flying around. Finally the spider Philodromus dispar was on one of the vegetable boxes.

137. Black Medick
138. Chromatomyia horticola (a leaf mining fly)
139. Merodon equestris (a hoverfly)
140. Yellow Shell (a moth)
141. Philodromus dispar (a spider)

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