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NORWICH : Garden lockdown list - days 62 to 67

DAY 62 - 21st May to DAY 64 23rd May 2020

Nothing new added

DAY 65 - 24th May 2020

Whilst out in the garden we stopped to listen to the Blue Tits in the nest box. For the last week or so we have been able to hear the young when close to the box, but it was clear that they were nearly ready to fledge.

DAY 66 - 25th May 2020

We had hoped to be able to watch the Blue Tits fledge at some point, but the adults weren't flying in and it was suspiciously quiet. They must have fledged shortly after dawn and been shepherded out of the garden. A shame that we didn't get to show Rose 'her' baby birds, but probably for the best given that a cat and two Magpies had been paying close attention to the nest box.

DAY 67 - 26th May 2020

The Pyrocantha that grows along the front wall of the house was in full flower, so I had a look on my return from work and added a few bits and bobs. A couple of Germander Speedwell flowers had come up in the lawn, whilst I also noticed some Broad-leaved Dock.

132. Honey Bee
133. Anthocomus fasciatus (NEW) (a beetle)
134. Germander Speedwell
135. Broad-leaved Dock

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