The Whitlingham Bird Report 2020 is available now (click here)

For previous years (2012-2019) see the links on the Whitlingham Bird List page.


A sort of lethargy has prevented me from ever properly catching up on my garden blog entries - I will get there eventually!

In the mean time I'm promoting my Whitlingham Species Guides again. During the strictest part of lockdown I did quite a bit of work on these, adding some species, making the layout a bit more uniform and writing some new ones. If you haven't seen them before then they are a mixture of guides and checklists, aiming to eventually cover all of the wildlife that has been recorded on my patch. There are several reasons for doing this:
  • To make sure there is a publically accessible list of wildlife records for the area
  • To help other naturalists ID things they are not familiar with
  • To encourage people to submit records of wildlife from Whitlingham
  • To encourage people to undertake similar recording projects on their own local patches

The guides can be found on the species guides tab on the blog (

Recent guides include arachnids, plant bugs and leafhoppers, whilst there have been large updates to hoverflies (thanks mainly to some excellent new records from Anne Crotty) and several other guides.

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