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NORWICH: Ivy Bees emerge and other commute sightings

4th September 2020

 Late summer sees the emergence of a recently colonised bee species, Ivy Bee (Colletes hederae). I decided to take a short detour home from work through Wensum Park to see if I could find any. As it happened I did, although not on the eponymous plant. Males emerge slightly earlier than females and do utilise a few other plants, including Canadian Goldenrod as seen here.


Whilst looking around I noticed some galled Fat Hen leaves, a new gall for me, caused by the aphid Hayhurstia atriplicis. Another nice find on the way home was some fresh mines of the Hedge Cosmet moth (Cosmopterix zieglerella). The adult moth is a very smart looking thing, but I've only found the mines so far. 

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