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EAST NORFOLK: Rollesby Waterside

28th July 2011

Today we visited the relatively new Waterside restaurant at Rollesby, which if you believe the hype is the best thing to happen to the broads since some bright spark decided to dig up some peat near the river. We had a bit of cake and a drink on the terrace overlooking the broad. It was nice. There was a nagging feeling though, that the broads aren't really meant to be nice. They're meant to be wild and windswept rather than seen from posh decking with food on square plates (I am not a fan of plates with corners. Round ones are just fine thank you). My conclusion was that it is fine for tourists, but its rather too sanitised for my liking. Bird wise it looks like Common Terns have had a productive year, with c25 loafing on a jetty on Rollesby Broad. Scanning Ormesby Broad I located a Grey Heron in a tree and a few more Common Terns.

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