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MID-NORFOLK: A hoooge caterpillar

17th July 2011

A trip looking for Damselflies was perhaps a bit silly considering the overcast and showery conditions, but we went anyway. The target was Small Red Damselfly, and we didn't see any. This could have been down to the conditions, the flight period could be over or I simply may have been looking in the wrong place. Nevertheless in a short period of time we did see a number of notable things. Whilst looking amongst the vegetation I spotted a number of Marsh Helleborines and Fragrant Orchids amongst the Common Spotted Orchids (mostly a white form).

In a rare burst of sunshine the butterflies emerged, including a Small Copper and my first Brown Argus of the year. Find of the day though went to a huge Emperor Moth caterpillar that I found in a patch of brambles. What a beastie!

Marsh Helleborine

Fragrant Orchid

Brown Argus

Emperor Moth caterpillar

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