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NORTH NORFOLK: Chalkhill Blues

30th July 2011

Last year we went to Warham for the first time to see Chalkhill Blues. We were successful, although they were largely over, with most butterflies being washed out or tatty or both. We had a hard time finding the site, in the end having to ask a local in Wighton. This year we still didn't find it straight away (almost getting sucked into the Warham Triangle, a local version of the Bermuda Triangle that only causes people looking for Iron Age forts and flocks of geese to disappear). Eventually we did get there, and were pleasantly surprised to find 30+ Chalkhill Blue butterflies in tip-top condition. I also found a Wall Butterfly and several interesting looking plants which will take me a while to work through and identify. On the bird front we had a singing Yellowhammer accompanyment and a Buzzard overhead.

Who says romance is dead? This pair of Chalkhill Blues pick a dried cow-pat to mate on.

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