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WEST NORFOLK: Hunstanton

27th July 2011

Fancying a drive, we decided to take in Hunstanton, scanning the rooftops in case the escaped Eagle Owl that has been frequenting the area was still around. Having not seen anything we were driving back to the amin road when I spotted what looked like an owl on the top of a building across some playing fields. It didn't look as big as it should have done for an Eagle Owl to me, but we drove back to check it out. It was a big fake owl. Presumably to scare pigeons I guess, as there was a mock Peregrine-type bird at the other end of the roof. How annoying. This is the second time I've spotted a "bird of prey" only to find it is a decoy - there is one near Hevingham as well. And as for the joker that put those fake Bustards in the brecks...*

* Note: As far as I know there are no Bustards, real or fake in the brecks. There are fairly frequent rumours though. My guess is that some sightings may relate to non-birders seeing Egyptian Geese or something like that.

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