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If only all bird-related arguments were this easy to answer...

A: Umm, No. Definitely no. Next question.

What happened to make gamekeepers ask if sea eagles could mistake young children for prey you ask? Ah. One attacked a clergyman* (who presumably wasn't a young child**) who has defending his prize winning*** goose (called Bertie****), a natural prey item, from the eagle. The clergyman was the Very Reverend Hunter***** Farquharson. Does this sound too surreal to be true to anyone?

* It jumped on his back. Thats weird isn't it? I mean, Eagles don't strike me as good jumpers. Maybe he was lying down.

** This is a guess, but how many young children have a prize-winning goose?

*** What prize(s) has it won? Tastiest goose? Goose that looks most like a fish? I'm going to try to find out, I hate not having all the details.

**** Possibly after Bertie Wooster, who in an episode of "Jeeves and Wooster" sung a silly song with the refrain "Ever so goosey goosey goosey goosey"

***** Yes his first name is Hunter. Make of that what you will.

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