The Whitlingham Bird Report for 2016 is now available to download here.

The previous reports are also availble: 2015 here,
2014 report here and the 2013 report here. Thanks to everyone who has contributed sightings, information and photos to these reports.

You may also be interested in Chris Durdin's Thorpe Marsh Wildlife Report for 2016, which is available

If only all bird-related arguments were this easy to answer...

A: Umm, No. Definitely no. Next question.

What happened to make gamekeepers ask if sea eagles could mistake young children for prey you ask? Ah. One attacked a clergyman* (who presumably wasn't a young child**) who has defending his prize winning*** goose (called Bertie****), a natural prey item, from the eagle. The clergyman was the Very Reverend Hunter***** Farquharson. Does this sound too surreal to be true to anyone?

* It jumped on his back. Thats weird isn't it? I mean, Eagles don't strike me as good jumpers. Maybe he was lying down.

** This is a guess, but how many young children have a prize-winning goose?

*** What prize(s) has it won? Tastiest goose? Goose that looks most like a fish? I'm going to try to find out, I hate not having all the details.

**** Possibly after Bertie Wooster, who in an episode of "Jeeves and Wooster" sung a silly song with the refrain "Ever so goosey goosey goosey goosey"

***** Yes his first name is Hunter. Make of that what you will.

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