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NORWICH: Mousehold for grasshoppers

25th July 2012

As the hot weather continues I decided to wander along to Mousehold Heath to look for butterflies.  There was no sign of the hoped-for White Admiral, but I did find a few Purple Hairstreaks and lots of commoner species.  Several dragonflies were around too, including the male Emperor pictured below.  My secondary target was Stripe-winged Grasshopper, only recently refound at Mousehold having previously been confined to the Brecks.  Orthoptera is not my strong point, but I did manage to find some in the clearing just north of Zaks.


  1. Hi James,

    Thanks for the blog add, its much appreciated and I've done likewise with yours. Really enjoyable reading: it's great to hear about birding in the Norwich area, especially from a dedicated local patcher such as yourself.

    I hope to visit Whitlingham + Thorpe for the first time this year at some point; it looks superb and it sounds like you've rightfully had some really decent birds there. Will continue to keep up to date with your patch ramblings; keep up the good work!

    Best wishes,

    Joseph Nichols

  2. Hi Joseph.

    No problem, and thanks for the reciprocal link. Its good to hear what's around in the Costessey area, I don't visit that part of the city very much.

    I'm glad you enjoy reading the blog. Whitlingham can be a frustrating place to bird, but at passage times and over the winter it's well worth a look!

    All the best,