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NORTH NORFOLK: Chalkhill Blues

9th August 2012

With another sunny afternoon it seemed like a good time to make our annual visit to Warham Camp. Butterflies were very much in evidence all along the road and track to the old fort, and hundreds of Chalkhill Blue butterflies were scattered around the mound (mostly males). Having taken loads of photographs last year I mainly concentrated on the chalk flora, but also took a few more shots of the blues.  We stopped for a picnic and I found a Brown Argus, whilst the flowers on Cathy's handbag attracted a Chalkhill Blue, whilst several less intellectually-challenged butterflies flew towards it before realising their mistake. Before we left two Common Buzzards rose up over nearby woods, and a young Chiffchaff was fly-catching from an oak tree.

Autumn Gentian (Felwort)

Male Chalkhill Blue

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