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THETFORD AREA: Deer & Helleborines

2nd August 2012

A walk in the woods got progressively better as time passed.  We started off with some unusual looking beetles on dung, moved up to Muntjac, then Roe Deer, then finally to the main reason for the trip, some Helleborines.

On our way back we stopped in New Buckenham, where there were three adult Muscovy Ducks (one with two ducklings) and one paired up with this rather gruesome white Domestic Duck.


  1. The duck with the Yellow bill is a Pekin Duck the one with the red face is the Muscovy Duck.

  2. Hi Shannon

    I recognised the Muscovies as I see them from time to time, usually on farm ponds, but I didn't know the white one was a Pekin Duck so thanks for that.