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THORPE MARSH: More quiet times

16th August 2012

My exciting new feature "where aren't there any birds" continued this evening at Thorpe, where there weren't any waders. This was probably due in part to the scrape drying out, making it even less enticing to overflying birds. I did spend some time just watching waves of gulls flying eastwards to roost, whilst something munching reeds in a nearby ditch was probably a Water Vole. Looking along the dykes I could see dozens of white China Mark moths fluttering low over the Frogbit.  Nothing of note on the spit either, but 40 ducks were on the broad (there hasn't been more than three in recent times) - 2 Gadwall and 38 Mallard. A Cetti's Warbler gave a brief burst of song, and seven recently fledged Mallard ducklings squeaked from the river.

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