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YARE VALLEY: Willow Emerald

22nd August 2012

We went out for a drive around the Yare Valley this afternoon, taking in the new village sign at Limpenhoe, which like many of our signs has some nice bird art on.

The sun was bursting through the clouds fairly regularly, so we decided to stop off at Strumpshaw to look for the Willow Emerald damselflies. Having failed to find any in the first three open stretches of ditch I had moved on when Cathy called me back. She had managed to find a Willow Emerald, and several other damselflies also flew around below it as the sun came out. It was on the far side of the ditch, too far for me to get a decent photo, but the right distance to get good binocular views. I had dipped these last year, and this sighting means that I have now seen all 12 of Norfolk's resident damselfly species (I still haven't seen Black Darter out of the Norfolk dragons).

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