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THORPE MARSH: First sandpiper of the autumn

6th August 2012

With waders beginning to stack up at Cantley, I decided to give Thorpe a look.  I hadn't been there long when a wader flew onto the scrape and out of sight.  First impressions were that it was a Green Sandpiper, but it took 15 minutes or so before I saw it again.  When I did see it again I was able to confirm that it was indeed a Green Sandpiper, and it looked like one of this years birds.  Other than Lapwings and Stock Doves nothing else turned up, and there weren't any raptors up either.  The broad was devoid of birdlife bar one young Moorhen on the spit.  Still, its the start of autumn wader migration here, fingers crossed for something a bit rarer in the near future...

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