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NORTH NORFOLK: Natural Surroundings new hoverfly & moth

10th August 2018

We went on a family visit to Natural Surroundings for lunch and a walk around the grounds. The cafe allowed us to show Rose some birds (and a squirrel) up close, as a large family of Blue Tits, some Great Tits and a Coal Tit took turns on the nearest feeders.

Walking down to the river we stopped beside a large Alder and identified about 10-15 different species just by checking the leaves that were around head height. Walking back I noticed an interesting-looking hoverfly on Common Fleabane. Roger Morris identified it for me as Xanthandrus comtus (there is only one photo of that species in the WildGuide and it was marked differently to my specimen). There was another new species for me back in the herb garden where I found a Pied Smudge moth (Ypsolopha sequella) sheltering from the rain. We went into the cabin to watch the Harvest Mice whilst the rain got heavier, before deciding that it had set in and heading for home.


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