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NORWICH: A shieldbug with knobs on

19th August 2018

You may or may not have heard of the phrase "with knobs on", which is sometimes used to indicate something deluxe or with extra features. It is perhaps doubtful if the shieldbug Podops inuncta would pass muster for the first definition, but it's OK because it really does have knobs on, either side of the head, earning it two competing vernacular names - Turtle Shieldbug or Knobbed Shieldbug. 

Having seen most of the common Norfolk shieldbug species I am now trying to see the smaller, drabber, skulkier ones, of which Knobbed Shieldbug certainly counts. Fortunately Vanna and Jeremy Bartlett spend more time outside than me and are happy to let me know if they come across something unusual. Vanna found this ground-dwelling shieldbug whilst checking for Ant Woodlice in Earlham Cemetery, and after having a good look down the microscope it was released back there.

Whilst at the Bartlett's house I did a quick lap of the garden and identified a few leaf mines, including Phytomyza crassiseta on Germander Speedwell, a new one for me. 

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