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NORWICH: Earlham Cemetery insects

13th August 2018

After work I went for a short walk in Earlham Cemetery as part of a rather long walk home. I found an interesting looking little chalcid wasp, certainly a Brachymeria, I'm fairly confident it's Brachymeria tibialis although I've left it to the county recorder to decide if he is happy to accept that. A couple of Rhopalids were also good to find - I've seen Stictopleuron punctatonerosus before, but Stictopleuron abutilon was new for me. I'll be leading a leaf mine and plant gall walk here in September, so I had a quite recce, finding the mine of Stigmella ulmivora on Elm (the exit slit was on the leaf underside separating from another similar species).

 Stictopleuron abutilon
 Stictopleuron punctatonerosus

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