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BRECKLAND: Invertebrate and plant day - part 1

Mid-August 2019

A multi-site trip to the Brecks with Jeremy & Vanna Bartlett began with a search for Perennial Knawel. This involved quite a lot of searching through the much more abundant Annual Knawel, but I think I managed to find at least one plant. Some Green-eyed Flower Bees were my first Norfolk sighting having seem them at Minsmere, and we also saw a handful of heather-related bees. Vanna noticed some treehoppers on Broom, which turned out to be Gargara genistae. This completes my set of Treehoppers (albeit there are only two UK species!)

The rest of the invertebrate highlights before we moved on included Breckland Plume Moth, Heather Neb, Tortoise Shieldbug, Heath Assasin Bug, Rhombic Leatherbug and a Weevil sp.

Stop two was a brief visit to see Wall Bedstraw - which was even stragglier that I'd imagined it would be!

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