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BRECKLAND: Invertebrates and plants part 2

Mid-August 2019

Moving on to the next site and some lovely forest rides with lots of Ragwort, Wild Parsnip and Scabious. A couple of new bees for me were Heriades truncorum and Andrena marginata, although sadly we seemed a bit early for the Nomad bee associated with the latter. Conops ceriaeformis was also a new species for me as was the sawfly Arge ustulata and the underwhelming but rare plant Smooth Rupturewort. A leatherbug raised my hopes that it might be Dalman's Leatherbug, one of my targets for the day, but it was actually Fallen's Leatherbug, a commoner (although still nice species).

Our final site of the day was meant to be very good for Leatherbugs, but in a quick visit we only saw more Fallen's. There were a handful of other species of note though, including Breckland Speedwell, Maiden Pink and the Yarrow-associated tortoise beetle Cassida prasina.

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