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WHITLINGHAM: Ringed Cormorant

1st August 2014

Yesterday I received an email to say that a local birder had seen a Cormorant with a metal ring on one of the legs along the river at Whitlingham. Unlike coloured rings, which are designed to be read in the field, metal rings are usually only read if a bird is re-trapped, found dead or very close to the observer. If we could trace the origins of this bird it would allow us to find out where it comes from - currently I have no idea where the Cormorants that winter at Whitlingham spend the summer. I'll be keeping an eye out for this bird, but if anyone reading this is a photographer, next time you are at Whitlingham please have a look at the Cormorants, and if you see one with a ring, see if you can get some photos.  I would be very grateful for any information on this bird (or indeed any other ringed/wing-tagged birds seen in the area).

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