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NORTH NORFOLK: Edingthorpe

26th April 2015

After a visit to some family in Edingthorpe, Cathy & I took a walk around some of the lanes that I used to walk when I was growing up. As well as boring her with my reminiscences ("I once saw a Turtle Dove on those wires" etc) we stopped every so often to admire the flowers growing on the verges. There were Bluebells and Meadow Saxifrage, hinting at old woodland here in the past, along with Wild Strawberry, Greater Stitchwort, Primroses and Yellow Archangel (the latter probably a throwout from cultivation). The highlight for me was Soft Shield Fern, a new species for me. We also saw quite a few bees and a friendly horse. I did scan the paddocks hoping for Ring Ouzel, but only managed to find a Mistle Thrush.

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