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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list day 30

DAY 30 - 19th April

Another spell of sunny weather saw a little cluster of garden additions. A couple of House Martins flew over, my first hirundines of the year and the only one I usually see from home. A calling Jackdaw was also new for the lockdown list. Two more of the bug-like flies were on the shed and I saw them well enough to satisfy myself they are indeed Tachypeza nubila. A hoverfly seen resting on the Rose-of-Sharon was Epistrophe eligans, an annual visitor here. The regular species have become very much part of the routine too - the female Hairy-footed Flower Bee that visits the Lungwort each morning is a welcome guest, whilst Rose wandered up to me whilst I was photographing the Dark-edged Bee-fly and looked down and said "Bee-fly", suggesting that she has now seen it enough to recognise it.

83. House Martin
84. Jackdaw
85. Tachypeza nubila
86. Eipostrophe eligans

Of the rest of the things seen, a spider might be a Xysticus sp, the mildew developing on one of the lungwort plants should be Golvinomyces cynoglossi (but in Europe this is treated as a species complex and the species found on Lungwort is called Golvinomyces asperifoliorum) and having made no effort to look for woodlice I saw Common Pill Woodlouse (Armadillidium vulgare) amongst the cypress litter.

87. Golvinomyces cynoglossi s.l.
88. Common Pill Woodlouse

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