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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list days 47 - 50 including a nice rove beetle

DAY 47 - 6th May 2020

Most of the white butterflies flying through the garden still refuse to land, but I managed to confirm that at least one of them was a Large White. I also found a nice multi-coloured rove beetle, that with help from Tim and Calum I managed to confirm was Paederus riparius. Rose found a small spider, but I've not identified it and doubt it will be identifiable from this.

106. Large White
107. Paederus riparius (a rove beetle)

DAY 48 - 7th MAY 2020

108. Small Purple-and-gold (Pyrausta aurata) - a small attractive moth, also known as the mint moth, seen in the garden.

DAY 49 - 8th MAY 2020

109. Large Red Damselfly - Cathy noticed this flying up the window and I managed to get a silhouetted photo as it flew onto the roof of the adjacent garages. This species is the only regular odonate here, although there is no sign of them breeding in the pond yet.

DAY 50 - 9th MAY 2020

Nothing new added.

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