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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list days 51-54 - a few moths

DAY 51 - 10th MAY 2020

A couple more photos of birds taken with my bridge camera. With some warm weather overnight I had hoped for a moth bonanza, but made do with four moths, 1 each of Common Plume (seen already this year), Shuttle-shaped Dart, Turnip Moth and Treble Lines. There was also a spider tucked into the top of the trap, which i didn't identify.

110. Turnip Moth
111. Treble Lines
112. Shuttle-shaped Dart

DAY 52 - 11th MAY 2020

Not necessarily seen on this day, but three species seen in the house recently and not recorded earlier were:
113. Varied Carpet Beetle
114. Case-bearing Clothes Moth
115. Pholcus phalangioides (spider)

DAY 53 - 12th MAY 2020

Nothing new added

DAY 54 - 13th MAY 2020

Nothing new added, but a ladybird pupa found on strawberry leaves. Rose likes ladybirds, and once told that it would hatch into an adult ladybird she proceeded to check it every five minutes or so because she wanted to hold the 'daddy ladybird'.

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