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NORWICH: Garden lockdown list days 42 & 43

DAY 42 - 1st May 2020

Daily visits from a pair of Magpies have given a bit of variety to the daily birds, but could mean any birds breeding in our tree or nest box will be in trouble. In the garden a Common Carder Bee was new for the year but avoided the camera, whilst a cranefly was the fairly distinctive Tipula vernalis. At this rate I might actually hit 100 species before midsummer!

95. Common Carder Bee
96. Tipula vernalis (a cranefly)

DAY 43 - 2nd May 2020

A pair of Chaffinches are now visiting more regularly and I got a record shot of the female today to go with all of the other blurry through-the-window shots. Some aphids and mildew were found on a Dandelion but no names for them so far.


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