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NORFOLK: Even more October fungi

 Late October 2020

With a few days off work we decided to go for a few family walks in woodland areas fairly close to Norwich, namely Foxley, Strumpshaw and Harrison's Wood (Sprowston). We saw a nice range of fungi across these differing sites, including Trooping Funnels, Parrot Waxcaps, Fly Agarics, Crab Brittlegill, Dark Honey Fungus and many more. Bullfinches were particularly common at Foxley - I heard at least eight there.

Trooping Funnels

Parrot Waxcap and a club - probably Apricot Club

Waxcap sp - probably Parrot Waxcap

Coprinellus impatiens - probably
Crab Brittlegill
Shaggy Parasol
Dark Honey Fungus
Dead Man's Fingers and Candlesnuff Fungus

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