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NORWICH: Harrison's Wood fungi & Broom moth caterpillar

7th November 2020

For most of November we were in a national lockdown, albeit unlike the first one outdoor activity was permitted for recreation rather than just exercise. We decided to go out for one local walk per week, and this week we chose Harrison's Wood in Sprowston. We had first visited a week ago but only covered about a third of it before it started getting dark, an constant issue over the winter months. This time we took a different route, covering an area with lots of pine trees and conifers. As expected this gave us some different fungi species, including Earthfan, Powderpuff Bracket, Ear Pick fungus, Brown Parasol, Jewelled Amanita, Primrose Brittlegill and Cauliflower Fungus. I was also pleased with the find of a Broom Moth caterpillar, on Bracken rather than its eponymous plant.

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