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NORWICH: A confiding Yellow-legged Gull

Mid December 2020

Birding during December largely took the form of looking around whilst walking to work (it is dark on my return). Whilst this was largely an uneventful affair, a couple of Pink-footed Geese flocks flew over, one heard only in the fog and one seen. The Cormorants perching up on a building near New Mills reached a total of four, falling well short of a new one for each day of advent.


Bird of the month was a 2nd winter Yellow-legged Gull, initially found by Stephen Vickers in Wensum Park. When I cut through the park I was fortunate to see it fly in with some Herring Gulls. It was the closest up I've seen one, as well as being a new bird for several of my more tenuous birding lists (on foot from home and birds within the Norwich outer ring road). There was also a Herring Gull in a similar pluamge stage, so I was able to compare the two, which will hopefully come in handy when identifying this age Yellow-legged Gull again in future. As far as I know it is still present (writing this on the 29th Dec).

Yellow-legged Gull

 Herring Gull for comparison

And so, unless anything great turns up in my garden this is the last blog entry of 2020. I got behind in the spring and never really caught back up until now, so apologies to readers that like their blog entries to be fairly current. Time depending I will put together a year highlights/summary post in a couple of days, but you won't be missing out on too much if I don't! Best wishes to everyone for 2021.

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