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NORWICH: Keep a lookout for a Parakeet

18th June 2011

Having agreed to have a lay-in at the weekend I turned down a lift to see the Caspian Tern, and turned my phone off as well. Whilst having my breakfast and a cup of tea I turned it back on and received a message from Adam to say he had seen a Parakeet at Jenny Lind Park, opposite our old house on Trinity Street. he cautioned that it could have been an escape, but I thought it was worth checking it out anyway, so I walked across to the park, and conducted a tree-by-tree search. The park is small enough to assume that if I couldnt see or hear it then it was gone, so I moved on to Chapefield Park and similarly drew a blank. It could well be in the area still, and I'd be interested in seeing it even if it turns out to be one of the green parakeets other than Ring-necked. I've made sure my feeders are well stocked in case it moves on to Earlham Cemetery!

Walking back from the city a brief spell of sunshine allowed some butterflies to come out, including my first Ringlets of the year on Lakenham Way. In the afternoon we went to Pulham Market, and on the way returned via Stoke Holy Cross. I found a Little Egret hunting in the shallows of the river opposite Lakenham Mill, my second at this location and third around Norwich this year.

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