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WHITLINGHAM: South Yare Wildlife Group fungus list

If anyone who attended the SYWG fungus foray at Whitlingham from Sunday would like the final list of fungi, you can either see it below or download a pdf version here. Not everything that we found ended up being identified to species, but considering the dry weather and the relatively short distance we travelled this is a decent return.

Whitlingham C.P.
South Yare Wildlife Group

# Scientific name Vernacular name
1 Scleroderma citrinum Common Earthball
2 Stereum gausapatum Yellowing Curtain Crust
3 Chroogomphus rutilus Copper Spike
4 Panaeolus fimicola Turf Mottlegill
5 Bolbitius titubans Yellow Fieldcap
6 Marasmius oreades Fairy Ring Champignon
7 Polyporus leptocaphalus Blackfoot Polypore
8 Panaeolina foenisecii Brown Mottlegill
9 Lycoperdon pratense Meadow Puffball
10 Meripilus giganteus Giant Polypore
11 Trametes gibbosa Lumpy Bracket
12 Trametes versicolor Turkeytail
13 Kretzschmaria deusta Brittle Cinder
14 Rhytisma acerinum Tar Spot
15 Calocera cornea Small Stag's-horn
16 Ganoderma australe Southern Bracket
17 Xylaria longipes Dead Moll's Fingers
18 Xylaria polymorpha Dead Man's Fingers
19 Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster Fungus
20 Xerula radicata Rooting Shank
21 Xerocomus sp. Boletus sp.
22 Hypoxylon fragiforme Beech Woodwart
23 Hypomyces chrysenteron Bolete mould
24 Paxillus rubicundulus Alder Roll-rim
25 Agrocybe rivulosa Wrinkled Fieldcap

Slime moulds
1 Fuligo septa Flowers of Tan
2 Lycogala terrestre Wolf's Milk Slime Mould

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