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Blogger links currently missing

In case anyone noticed, Blogger is currently having some sort of technical problem which means that all of my links to other peoples blogs down the side pane have vanished. Hopefully these will be restored soon. I have added a few blogs temporarily onto another link bar, although I don't know if they will also be affected.


  1. Just in case you forget. Lost Geordie! Cheers,

    1. Hi Jim - thanks, because I used to just click through from my blog I don't have other blogs bookmarked, so the whole list vanishing was quite annoying. Hopefully they will be restored in the entirity, but I've made a note of yours in case not!

    2. Hi James, same thing happened to me. Very frustrating. I've managed to restore most by simply going through the process again. Should they not be restored automatically my address is Cheers

    3. I've grown bored of waiting and added them back manually myself. Luckily I was able to access a backup of the website from before the problem, so have restored all of the blogs that had been updated within the past 6 months, plus a few new ones. Hopefully sanity restored.