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YARE VALLEY: Woodland wildlife survey

13th May 2018

On Sunday I had the opportunity to visit an area of private woodland in the Yare Valley in order to do some wildlife recording. The area was mostly covered with Alder carr, but with several clearings, one with cut back reeds, and a few drier areas. Despite originally being concerned that the overcast conditions would restrict the amount of insects about, we had a very productive day and I saw several new species. The photos below therefore represent selected highlights from our day.

 Elaphrus cupreus
 Larval case of Coleophora serratella
 Tipula oleracea
 Four-spotted Chaser
 Balsam Carpet
 Tipula fascipennis
 Mycetophagus quadripustulatus
 Nematus lucidus
 Rhingia campestris
 Blennocampa phyllocolpa

I was particularly pleased to finally identify one of the pesky Nomada bees that I've been seeing recently, with a female Nomada flava found on flowers along the entrance track to the woods. Thanks to Nick for inviting us to his woods.

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