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WHITLINGHAM: A selection of leaf mines

26th September 2017

During the afternoon I received a message from Ricky to tell me that he had found a Ring-necked Parakeet at Thorpe Marsh, and it had flown across to Whitlingham. After work I therefore headed down there and did a lap, in the hope that it would still be around. Sadly there was no sight or sound of it, with a Little Grebe and a Gadwall on the Great Broad the only birds of note.

On the way back I kept an eye out for leaf mines, and added two new ones, plus another aggregate of two species.

 Phytomyza pastinacea or spondylii in Hogweed
 Agromyza anthracina in Nettle
 Calycomyza artemisia in Mugwort

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