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WHITLINGHAM: Kittiwake (deceased) and fungi

3rd December 2017

On Sunday Karl & I took his boys for a walk around Whitlingham. This meant I wasn't thoroughly scanning the broad for birds, but the most interesting sightings wasn't going anywhere in a hurry as it was dead. This Kittiwake, found at the end of the Little Broad is only the third record I am aware of from Whitlingham - hopefully the fourth one is in better health.

There was quite a bit of fungi about, including the coral fungus Ramaria decurrens, which was a new one for me here.

 Blistered Cup (Peziza vesiculosa)
 Hebeloma sp.
 Ochre Coral (Ramaria decurrens)
 Mycena sp.
 Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)
Yellow Brain (Tremella mesenterica)

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