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WHITLINGHAM: Thorpe Marshes Gropper

21st April 2011

Another visit to Thorpe Marshes, and finally a result, my best ever views of a Grasshopper Warbler. It was audible as I was crossing the railway bridge, but it took a while to pin down (don't they always?!). Part of the reason I had trouble pinpointing it soon became apparent - it was actually moving around a lot. Positioning myself at a decent vantage point on the path I was able to watch it reeling from a number of different areas, spending no more than a couple of minutes at each but never going too far in either direction. Many thanks to Paul and Adam for their messages regarding Grasshopper Warblers at this site. A lap around the broad was uneventful, but it was interrupted by a Cuckoo, calling from across the river in the trees at the east end of Whitlingham great broad.

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