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2nd July 2016

On Saturday afternoon I headed back to Titchwell, hoping to catch up with the Great Knot that has been accompanying the Knot flock for the past few weeks. As I drove between Docking and Brancaster the scene in front of me seemed the very definition of atmospheric. The water on the road was evaporating in the strong sunlight, and as I crossed the brow of the hill a Red Kite drifted over the road. Either side fluffy cumulous clouds hung in the sky, but ahead lines came down from menacing grey clouds, showing that it was raining hard offshore. A flash of lightning lit up the sky, reminding me uneasily that early in its stay the Great Knot had been spooked by a big storm.

It was about 16:30 when I reached Titchwell, and I was surprised to see how few people were around the car park and visitors centre. There were a few people standing on the main path scanning towards the Knot flock, so I set up my telescope and looked out. There were two tightly packed groups, so in the end I conceded and asked if the Great Knot was amongst them. It was, but right at the back and only the head and a bit of the back was visible. Relocating to the Parrinder Hide the Great Knot was more visible, albeit not more active. After a while (and one of those crunchy nature valley bars) I headed back to the main path, seeing a Spotted Redshank and a leg-ringed Avocet before heading home.

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